It is still early for Kevin Gregg

It is early. Very early. Just a reminder: 158 games remain in the regular season.

Now, I’m not a necessarily a big Kevin Gregg fan. I only know him by his numbers from last year and looking at those, I’m not impressed. He would be fine as closer for a lesser team. But for a major market, fat payroll team where winning the World Series is their legitimate goal, Kevin Gregg’s numbers leave a lot to be desired. I understand he pitched very well until a leg injury 2/3 of the way through last season created some discomfort resulting in Gregg becoming far less effective. This year that’s all behind him and he proved it by pitching a perfect spring.  But now it’s GO time, and he needs to pitch up to his billing.

uncle Lou

Lou is not known for his patience

Listening to the radio this evening and surfing the web following Gregg having blown the lead and locked in the loss to division rivals the Milwaukee Brewers, fans are already out of patience with the Cubs’ new closer. So I simply say it’s early. Take some comfort in the fact that manager Lou Piniella is among the least patient managers of pitchers in the game today. I think he flat out doesn’t like pitchers. Doesn’t trust them. None of them. So sweet ol’ Uncle Lou will not let Gregg go out there time and again, blowing saves and worse yet losing games. Virtually all pitchers are on a short leash with Lou.  Just ask Rich Hill.

So take heart fellow Cub fans – Kevin Gregg will get better or he will have to deal with Lou. Ask Scott Eyre (Stevie Ire?)how it feels to get into Lou’s doghouse. He never made it out of there until he found himself in Philly (and in the World Series!).

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