Bobby Scales is living a Kevin Costner movie

Is there a better story out there than the Bobby Scales story?  I mean, this guy is a living Kevin Costner movie.  Ten year minor leaguer without so much as a sniff of the big leagues. Not even a September call-up along the way. The Cubs pull him to Wrigley just in case they need to put Aramis Ramirez on the DL. He’s at the ballpark, ready for his big chance…all he needs is the word that A-Ram is going on the shelf. But no. Not this time. So he is sent back to Iowa. That must have been the lonliest ride in the world. To have been so close to his dream of becoming a Major Leaguer only to be sent back the same day. Heartbreaking to be sure.

So then, at the very next opportunity, he gets the nod for real and makes the most of it. He’s hitting the cover off the ball, showing great poise both at the plate and in the field. He’s getting clutch hits – including a pinch hit homer in a close game. Scales is saying all the right things, in the right way, rising above but keeping perspective. The guy is entirely likeable – you want him to succeed. And at the ripe old age (for a rookie) of 31, he’s getting his chance and making the very most of it. Bobby Scales is easy to root for, and I am doing just that.

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    1. administrator - May 16, 2009

      Chicagoist is running a contest to give Bobby Scales a suitable nickname:

      And thanks to them for the plug & link too!

    2. Adam - May 19, 2009

      Bobby Scales is a journeyman. We need to keep it from going to his head though. You win one Rookie of the Year award and then you can’t swing a bat! Come on Soto!

      Also check out the new to see what’s happening around the stadium.

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