The All Star Game at Wrigley Field

The official program of the 1990 ASG
The official program of the 1990 ASG

I am remembering today the 1990 MLB All Star Game in Wrigley Field. I’m not a bleacher guy (too far away from the action for me) but my tickets were in the Right Field bleachers. I won a lottery that gave me the opportunity to buy a ticket at face value. I figured it was a chance of a lifetime and ponied up whatever the price was then even though I was broke at the time. Of course by today’s standards the ticket price was probably laughable – it might have been a $30 ticket?  I really don’t remember and for whatever reason I no longer have the ticket stub. One of my lasting memories of the game was when Jose Canseco was playing Right. The crowd was really giving it to him – riding him hard verbally. And as he was crouched and ready for the next pitch, he’d wrap his hand around to his back and give the Right field bleachers the finger!  He was having fun with it, jawing back and forth with the crowd, but as the crowd upped the ante, he responded by flipping the bird between each pitch.  Love it.

I also remember a persistent rain, zero home runs, and in fact the AL shutout the NL in an era where the NL dominated any interleague play.  Bill Murray hosted what was either the home run derby and/or an open workout the day before the game. He was just riffing on the players over the Wrigley PA system and it was hilarious. A great experience for sure. 

I wonder if the All Star Game might return to Wrigley Field in 2014 – the hundred year anniversary of this cathedral of baseball?  I understand the Crane Kenney administration has plans for a 2014 celebration outlined, but of course everything is contingent on the will of the new ownership group. Still, what a great opening act to have to MLB All Star Game in Chicago, just prior to the 2016 Olympics in Chicago.  My 6 year old son will then be 11 and 13 years old for each of these historic events.  What a great time to be a kid!

The 1990 All Stars for the National and American league were quite a bunch. Here are images from the official program…

1990 NL All Stars

1990 AL All Stars

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