Jim Hendry has trade deadline work to do

With the Cardinals stocking up on some potential offensive firepower in Matt Holliday, it brings me around to wonder what options might be available for Jim Hendry between now and the non-waiver trade deadline of July 31st.

DempsterThe Cubs will get Ryan Dempster back next week and Geovany Soto still maybe a couple weeks away. But now Ted Lilly, the most valuable Cub so far this season is headed to the DL with what is believed to be tendinitis in the front side of his shoulder. So again, the Cubs will have key players on the DL. So will Hendry try to go get pitching? Or will he bolster the bench, bullpen, or maybe try to upgrade one of the starting eight?

From all reports, Hendry and the Cubs have little room to add payroll this year. So it seems either the minor leaguers have to continue to out-perform or Trader Jim will have to find a bargain somewhere. It seems to me a likely target will be lefty closer George Sherrill of the Orioles to come over and fit into a setup role in the bullpen. But I wonder about the availability of Aubrey Huff, who I suggested as a good fill-in for Aramis Ramirez when he dislocated his shoulder.

I am hoping that the biggest deal is not for a minor role player like a Joe Beimel or John Grabow. I would like to see Sherrill, Huff, or even Freddy Sanchez would look good at second base.  I have no confidence in Jeff Baker for a team looking to win the World Series.  Sanchez is a perennial .300 hitting and former batting champ. He might be pricey, and maybe that makes him not a possibility, but he would look good in this lineup.

We’ll have to see what Hendry can pull off by the trade deadline. He has made some outstanding deals in his time as Cubs GM, but I have to admit he’s due for another after this past off-seasons’ roster moves.

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    1. Baseballbriefs.com - July 25, 2009

      Baseballbriefs.com tracking back Jim Hendry has trade deadline work to do…

      Baseballbriefs.com tracking back Jim Hendry has trade deadline work to do…

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