With Cubs Season Fading, Bears Looking Good

The St. Louis Cardinals are playing like the ’27 Yankees. The Wild Card leading Colorado Rockies have won 9 of their last 10 games, now threatening the Dodgers for the NL West division. So now it appears the Cubs would have to basically win out to challenge the Wild Card, whether that be the Dodgers or the Rockies (or Giants?). That’s a long shot to say the least.

Jay Cutler Chicago Bears jerseySo a Cub fan can’t help but turn at least part of his attention toward the beginning of NFL football – specifically for the Chicago Bears week one matchup versus the Green Bay Packers at historic Curly Lambeau Field.

The beginning of any pro sports season is full of optimism but for the Bears this year, there is quite a palpable excitement about new quarterback Jay Cutler. He is arguably the first professional QB to don the orange & blue in generations. He certainly has the arm for the job but the big question is whether he can make this year’s motley crew of receivers into something respectable. We shall see…but for now, I have one eye on the Cubs and one eye on the Bears.

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