Another thought on Milton Bradley

The struggles of Milton Bradley are well documented. However something occured to me as I listened to Talkin’ Baseball on ESPN Radio with Bruce Levine – arguably the best baseball talk show on the radio. Today Bruce’s new co-host Jonathan Hood related some comments that apparently came from Bradley’s mother. She had alluded to Milton’s young son suffering some racial harrassment in his Chicago school. She further asserted that this treatment of his son had something to do with Bradley’s play on the field.

Bruce and Hood rightly condemned any such behavior – particularly directed toward a child. They continued by suggesting that Bradley has to be more of a professional and rise above this sort of distraction. I agreed. But then as I tought more about it, my outrage at the Bradley situation increased.

If the treatment of Milton Bradley’s son in school has any bearing on his preparation, mental concentration, demeanor in the clubhouse or play on the field, then he needs some very serious and deep self evaluation. How can you let that affect your career – whether you be an accountant, a landscaper, a janitor, or a professional baseball player? 

Take for example the personal challenges Ryan Dempster has faced this year. His newborn daughter was hosiptalized for months and he even commuted to be with her in the hospital between starts. If anyone would be entitled to some slack for personal reasons, it would be Dempster. He was dealing with serious health issues with his newborn child. Bradley on the other hand, was dealing with his kid allegedly being called names – admittedly inexcusable, terrible names, but names nonetheless. I have a son in first grade and can confirm kids can be cruel to one another. But none of what Bradley has been reported to be experiencing is even remotely life threatening.

Ryan Dempster on the other hand, carried himself like the professional he is. He made his starts, he pitched well, and he was a positive influence on his teammates.  Perhaps even an inspiration to his teammates. Bradley? He was an utter failure in all regards. The fans would have cut him a lot more slack if he conducted himself like a professional throughout his on-field struggles. As any Little Leaguer will tell you, it is important to try your best and have fun. In my view, Milton Bradley did neither in this season.

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    1. shay thompson - September 26, 2009

      I’m glad that he’s not playing for Dodgers anymore!

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    3. Jose - September 28, 2009

      There is nothing worse than being excited for a game, puttin on your lucky socks, and then the Cubs lose. This season was a bust with certain players earning way more than they deserved and plaguing the team with their bad attitudes. I’m writing off this season and waiting til March. Hendry better work some G.D. magic.

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