Granderson Price Likely Too Steep for Cubs

Well meaning Cubs fans are loudly advocating the team to dump Milton Bradley and move to acquire Curtis Granderson to play center field and lead off for the 2010 Chicago Cubs.  At first blush, perhaps that would be a fine swap. But realistically I just don’t see how it can happen without an extrordinary alignment of the planets.

Bradley will likely hit about .300 with an on-base pushing .400 for someone next season. Granderson should post 25+ HRs and perhaps improve upon most of his statistical averages. Curtis Granderson has a lot of career ahead of him, where Bradley is closer to the end of his MLB career than the beginning. They both, however are owed a ton of money.

The problem with Granderson is a team will have to give over several young talents and pay his salary. With Bradley, Jim Hendry will presumably accept less talent in return and likely pay much of his salary to boot. So if Granderson is actually available, he will cost any team dearly in both young player talent and in payroll dollars.  Is he really all that? I’m not so sure.  If the Cubs could get Granderson as a free agent (not possible at this time) and only pay the dollars, then I’m all for it. Or if they had to give up 2-3 top rookies or prospects (Vitters, Castro and/or Cashner and perhaps Wells?) that might be fine too, but then they have to pay him top dollar as well.  I just am not convinced Curtis Granderson is worth such a dear price.

No doubt Hendry has to part with Bradley. I just don’t see how he can come back to Wrigley Field. But I just don’t see how they can dump Bradley and bring in Granderson.  I’m afraid it’s just not in the cards…

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