Dawson the big draw at Cubs Convention

With the 25th annual Cubs Convention next week, I am struck by who the most exciting, most anticipated player in attendance will be. No, it won’t be a big star from last season or a high profile acquisition for this coming season. No, the biggest player appearance will be from a guy who hasn’t played for the Cubs in 18 years – the newest inductee to the baseball Hall of Fame, Andre Dawson.

I am personally thrilled at the Hawk getting HOF honors. Really, he is a role model – how he played the game, how he conducts himself (except for the game at Wrigley when he was tossed by an umpire and illustrated his frustration by emptying the bat rack onto the field of play – hehehe). Really, couldn’t be happier for Dawson or more proud as a Cubs fan.

But shouldn’t we as fans be a little more excited by the players on the field and the prospects for the new season? Shouldn’t Cubs management supply us with those players and inspire that enthusiasm? Maybe I’m just a little bitter by how unlikeable and unproductive last year’s team was. But it seems to me if the new Cubs ownership’s “one goal” is to bring a World Championship to Chicago, shouldn’t we have more exciting players to cheer for? Just asking.

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