Cubs Season Ticket Plans Available

I knew this day would come. Receiving an email titled “Chicago Cubs Season Tickets” from an individual at, I knew what the mail said:

Dear Season Ticket Waiting List Member,

I am happy to inform you…

My number had come up – the Cubs have Season Ticket packages available! This same mechanism is how I became a Bears season ticket holder in the mid-90’s.  But that email invitation at a good time, where I was glad to pony up the dollars and could make plenty of games. I only had those tickets for a few years becuase I quickly realized freezing my ass off sitting in Soldier Field was not as desirable as sitting on the couch at home and ordering a pizza at halftime.  But I digress.

So apparently there’s been some churn in the season ticket club at Wrigley. Given the economy, I guess that’s not a big surprise. But I will pass and move to the back of the line becuase the time is not right for me to commit to sitting in marginal seats in beautiful, historic Wrigley Field eighty-one times this year. I live in the Western suburbs and of course work a 9-5 job, so there is no way I can manage getting to Wrigley even 40x in a year.

Wrigley Field, Chicago IL

View from upper deck box section 422

The seating areas I was told were available at this time are Upper Deck Reserved (IF & OF), Upper Deck Box Outfield, and Bleachers. I’m not a bleacher guy, plus its four grand per bleacher ticket so that’s out. Upper reserved are ok, but I prefer to pony up for Dugout Box seats a few days a year. Upper Deck Box are actually among my favorite seats (helllooo Aisle424!) when they are within a couple sections of aisle 420 and within the first row or two. So given seating choices, and the dollars involved (see below), I chose to pass.

Chicago Cubs 81-Game Season Ticket Plan

Section Price (per seat)
Club Box IF  $7,795.20
Club Box OF  $6,518.40
Field Box IF  $6,518.40
Field Box OF  $5,152.00
Terrace Box IF $4,788.00
Terrace Box OF $4,058.88
Upper Deck Box IF $4,788.00
Upper Deck Box OF $4,058.88
Terrace Reserved IF $2,924.32
Terrace Reserved OF $2,563.68
Upper Deck Reserved IF $1,823.36
Upper Deck Reserved OF $1,597.12
Bleacher (general admission)  $3,998.40


(Bold=2010 Season Ticket Packages Available)

See full Wrigley Field Seating Chart from

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    19 Responses

    1. Cubs Nut - February 6, 2010

      Hey thanks for posting. I always wondered how much a season ticket cost. Wow, when u add it up, its a lot of money to get season tickets. May be only for company or corperations so they can give to their clients. Too much for a family guy! But thanks!

    2. BleacherBunch - February 7, 2010

      Thanks for sharing the info. If you don’t mind me asking how long ago did you sign up for the waiting list?

    3. administrator - February 7, 2010

      Sure, no problem. I was asked this on Twitter as well. (follow @ClarkAddison)

      I signed on to the Cubs Season Ticket waiting list in the late 90’s – I think 1998 or 1999. I was well back in the line, like number 150,000 or so. Each year I would receive an email or poastcard saying I’m still on the list, but had no indication how close to the front of the line I was.

      Then this week, I get a congratulations email but bascially had to decide immediately. And frankly, I just don’t have 8-grand sitting around waiting for the Cubs to call. So I took a pass. Maybe next time..

    4. Tweets that mention Cubs Season Ticket Plans Available | Clark-Addison Cubs Fan Blog -- - February 8, 2010

      […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Chicago Cubs Buzz, ClarkAddison, ClarkAddison, ClarkAddison, ClarkAddison and others. ClarkAddison said: @Aisle424 Check out my new post – I discuss my preference of upper deck box seats: […]

    5. Ryan - February 26, 2010

      Odd because the Cubs didn’t even have a waiting list until, I think, 2003.

    6. administrator - February 26, 2010

      Ryan – I am pretty certain the Cubs have had a waiting list for season tickets since the 1985 season, although it has obviously cycled through since that time. I’ll reach out to Cubs PR and see if they have an official comment on the matter. Thanks for reading!

    7. larry - March 16, 2010

      Out of curiosity was wondering whether you can recall where the upper deck infield seats were located. The reason I ask is because I have season seats near the press box…and I love them.

      On another note, The season ticket waiting list couldn’t have started until 2004 at the earliest. I was a season ticket in the mid 80’s for a few years. Gave up the tickets and subsequently became a full season ticket holder (without a waiting list) in 2003. My next door Cubs season ticket holder became a first time season ticket holder in 2004 without a waiting list. Not sure whether the list started in 2004 or 2005. In any event – very few season ticket holders give up their seats. Normally you can count them on one or two hands. This season may be a bit different. I know I gave up one isolated (couldn’t get a seat next to or close to mine tickets) season ticket package purchased on behalf of friend who couldn’t afford the $$$ because of the economy.

    8. administrator - March 16, 2010

      Ya know, I think I was indeed way off in my season ticket waiting list date. I got skewered on Twitter for that as well. It had been a while, but perhaps not as long as I originally estimated.

      I love upper deck box seats behind home plate. And UD reserved are a good deal too, especially when on either side of the press box. But for season tix, I would rather pick and choose great seats than lock into seats that I prefer less. So I get a couple Dugout Box games, and the rest in the upper deck, between 1st & 3rd and I’m good.

      Thanks for reading! GO CUBS!

    9. Mike - March 18, 2010

      I have a Cubs combo season ticket package. 4 seats The combo plan consists of all Sat&Sun games, all night games, and any holiday games. I am willing to sell the entire season ticket package for the invoice amount. I just received the tickets from FED EX today and haven’t opened the seal yet. If interested e-mail me at

    10. Jeff - March 25, 2010

      I might have access to a Combo Season (54 games, night/weekends) for sale THIS season only if interested.

    11. E - May 5, 2010


      I can’t believe you passed up this opportunity. You aren’t locked into anything. Every season you can choose to upgrade. Not sure if you realized that or not.

      Most likely, you’ll never get offered tickets again. The list is up to about 120,000 names. Even if the majority aren’t serious buyers, they have enough names to call for the next few decades.

      Bad move.

    12. THB - May 30, 2011

      Hi All –

      I am number 979 (been a few years in the list – Can I expect to get great seats? – maybe section 17? –

    13. scott - June 18, 2011


      Sounds like a good move to me. The Cubs cant give their tickets away to watch their AAA team. This season the CUbs blazed through their season ticket waiting list and called begging every single person on that list 3 or 4 times.

    14. Evan Donovan - October 28, 2011

      My number just came up!! I’m like 409 and I just got the email I’ve waited for!! (By the way, as it regards when the wait list may have started, I have a record of emails I sent to myself where I pasted my spot in the waiting list so I could keep track. Those emails date back to 2004…)

      Does anyone know how this process works? Can anyone put me in touch with a recent season ticket-holder that I can chat with about how the selection actually works?

      I’m supposed to be at Wrigley on a certain date & time to pick out my seat!

      Thanks for any help you can give.

    15. Jerome Goldstein - November 4, 2011

      If anybody is interesting in sharing 50% of the combo package for 2012 let me know.

      Willing to split 50 50 which reduces your cost considerably . 4 seats Section 415 they are great!

      Can bee flexible with the dates also but will maker sure you get every series.

      Just email me at

    16. BPE - November 5, 2011

      I have a chance to purchase season tix for the 2012 season.
      If anyone is interested in going in with me- please let me know.

    17. Chad - January 4, 2012

      I just received a call today that I am eligible for Cubs season tickets. I can not do this at this time, but am willing to let someone go in with me on this. Please send me an email if you are interested and we can work out a deal. Thanks.

    18. s b j - January 6, 2012

      great seats for sale- quick. right behind 1st base. close to the field.

    19. Brandon - January 10, 2012

      Does anyone know what number they are at on the season ticket waiting list? I was selected this year but not sure if it makes sense for me to drive up to Chicago or just get bleacher tickets.

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