Pre-sale promotion for Cubs tickets

There is hope for fans wanting to go to Wrigley Field on opening day, see a Cubs-Cardinals or Cubs-Sox game…

The Cubs have announced the inaugural MasterCard First Chance Ticket Presale for Monday February 15th beginning at 10:00am. For the first time, fans can purchase single-game tickets for Cubs games in a special pre-sale promotion sponsored by Mastercard. There will be a 20% surcharge for tickets in this program, but the inventories available will presumably be the better than when tickets officially go on sale Feb 19. Plus, if purchased with your MasterCard, you will get 5% off – dropping the resulting surcharge from 20% to 15%.

In my view this is a good deal in that the very best games tend to sell out while most people are sitting in virtual waiting rooms online during the official sale. If this presale goes as anticipated, there will be fewer people vying for seats so while you pay a little more, you have a better chance of getting the tickets you want and getting them cheaper than through the resale market via StubHub, TicketNetwork, or other less reputable brokers. We’ll have to see how it goes.

  • Special Pre-sale promo:  Monday February 15
  • Regular single game tickets on sale: Friday February 19
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    4 Responses

    1. Mike - February 12, 2010

      So people will turn around and post these tickets on stubhub even SOONER?! Yeah.

    2. administrator - February 12, 2010

      You’re probably right. But I can tell you brokers will get their tickets one way or another. This new plan could prove beneficial to people wanting prime tickets. However it certainly won’t make going to Wrigley any more affordable. For me, I tend to go to fewer games but buy better seats than I once did when they were less money. Either way, going to a game is an investment. I’m interested to see if this promo allows for better access to premium games. We’ll see..

    3. Jennifer - February 12, 2010

      It will be interesting to see how this works. If I was looking to purchase tickets for a specific game, I would use this option.

    4. administrator - February 12, 2010

      Agreed – for that special birthday game or when people are in from out of town, this could be a good option. Easily worth the 20% surcharge in some situations.

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