Curse? There Ain’t No Stinking Cubs Curse

Inevitably, talk of whether there is a curse on the Chicago Cubs comes up each season, usually from outsiders or someone looking to stir the pot a bit. Let me go on record as believing the only curse that affects the Cubs is that of a history of bad decisions. No supernatural hexes, no goats, just the natural consequences of poor decision making by management. GMs make bad deals, ownership hires the wrong people, people just generally make mistakes.  But I prefer to think of this as an organizational matter not really that of mysticism.

book cover: Curse? There Ain't No Stinking Chicago Cub CurseThere is a new book out, Curse, There Ain’t No Stinking Chicago Cub Curse, by James Wolfe and Mary Ann Pressman. The book is a collection of 11 fictional short stories illustrating how people compete. There are chapters on golf, tennis, gambling, and the fictional story of a Cubs owner who unscrupulously manages to win the World Series. You’ll have to read to story, but let’s just say the team adopted a lust to increase revenue by any means possible – which is starting to sound a little familiar on the Northside. So the moral question here is does the end justify the means?  Pick up a copy of this book to further explore this idea.

Publisher’s description:  Curse? There Ain’t No Stinking Chicago Cub Curse and Other Stories about Sports and Gamesmanship is a humorous and thought-provoking collection of eleven short stories about the games people play. From baseball, golf, and tennis to bocce ball, blackjack, and Scrabble, these games demonstrate the good and bad facets of the human competitive spirit. A golfing womanizer takes the old adage, “so much fun to be had, and so little time” just a bit too much to heart; a woman comes up with a system for betting at the racetrack—and wins every time; a pair of adult brothers revert to childish competition to prove themselves; a woman searches for Mr. Right on a “Scrabble date;” and the wily owner of the Cubs uses an infamous curse in order to transform his team into a money-making franchise. Human foibles are laid bare in this entertaining collection, which brings both a male and a female perspective to the humor and irony inherent in the ways we compete.

Disclosure: I was provided a review copy of this book by the publisher.

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