Peoria Chiefs team report

Hak-Ju Lee of the Peoria Chiefs

top prospect Hak-Ju Lee

Here are some general observations on the Peoria Chiefs… Justin Bour is a large man. He’s listed at 6’4”, 250 lbs but that might be a little shy. He’s thick and strong but seemed pretty nimble fielding a looper behind first base early in the game. In BP, the ball was jumping off his bat. Bob Dernier says he’s nimble for a man pushing 270lbs.

One of the stars of the team, Hak-Ju Lee, is just 19 years old and looks it. He is very thin and tall but seems just a little tentative to me. He seemed to pull up a bit during pregame baserunning drills and generally seemed pretty shy. Who knows, maybe he’s not feeling well today because Lee is not in the lineup today.

Logan Watkins of the Peoria Chiefs

Logan Watkins with Bob Dernier looking on

Most impressive during pregame was Logan Watkins at shortstop. I wasn’t sure who he was but kept noticing how quickly he reached every fungo ball in his general direction. He fields smoothly and confidently – a quality missing or lacking from most of the players on both teams today.

Chiefs third baseman Greg Rohan looks like your prototypical baseball player. Solid, hard-nosed, baseball pro. He has impressive mechanics and an ideal baseball build. He was one of the heroes of last night’s win over the Cougars.

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