Observations on Chicago Baseball Managers

Mike Quade started off his MLB managerial career off with a bang, posting one of the best beginnings in Cubs franchise history. I wonder now if some of the luster has worn off. He’s lost Geovany Soto, Tyler Colvin, and Carlos Silva for the year. Now two of the club’s most dependable starters get blown up on consecutive days. After going 8-1 on the road, Quade’s Cubs came home to get shut out and lose 3 out of four, being outscored 21-3. That’s not supposed to happen to a team playing at home.

It’s my sincere hope the Cubs front office won’t buy into the fool’s gold of Quade’s September. The expectations have faded away as have a few of the veterans to trade deadline deals. The team has rallied to play their best baseball of the year, which bodes well for the future. But I think this success has to be closely and carefully evaluated when considering Quade’s prospects going forward. He’s managing with an expanded roster and zero expectations. The question is, can he take a team from spring training forward and guide them to the promised land? Can he manage when it counts, and do it with a 25 man roster? So far to me, Mike Quade has shown himself to be a good Triple-A manager. But he has yet to manage a legit major league team, playing to win the World Series. I hope Jim Hendry and company will consider this when evaluating Mike Quade for the big chair in 2011 and beyond.


Ozzie Guillen is mouthing off again – yeah, what else is new?  Well, Ozzie is very clever. With so many managerial openings in the majors this coming off season, a guy like Ozzie has a lot of leverage. He’s a power force and a World Series winning manager but only has one year left on his contract with the White Sox. There are rumors the Florida Marlins are interested in Ozzie so there is a timing issue here. If Ozzie plays out his current deal and is available after next season, what jobs will be open?  Chances are all of the jobs open this off-season won’t become available again for 3 or 4 years, depending on the success of those teams.

So it’s pretty smart of Ozzie to say publicly that he wants an extension now. Kenny Williams says if Ozzie wants to go, he won’t stand in the way. So this sets up the opportunity for Ozzie to get his long term deal settled, whether that be in Chicago or in Florida. Ozzie Guillen clearly has an obnoxious personality that is colorful and interesting when the team is winning. But when the winning turns to losing after a few years, that outspokenness wears thin on all of us. Just ask Mike Ditka.

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