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Who are the Favorites for the Fielding Bible and Gold Glove Awards?

With a week left in the regular season, let’s take a look at the leading contenders for baseball’s post-season defensive awards using Defensive Runs Saved as the key measure. This week we look at infielders and catchers. Next week we’ll take a look at the outfield along with pitchers.  (In the charts below, each player’s Defensive Runs Saved appears next to his name).

Catcher– Three-time Fielding Bible Award winner Yadier Molina is currently tied with Rockies’ catcher Miguel Olivo with 15 Runs Saved, but they’re doing it in different ways. Yadier tops all catchers in Adjusted Earned Runs Saved for his ability to handle the Cardinals’ pitching staff, while Olivo ranks first in Stolen Base Runs Saved. The leading American League catcher is Jose Molina, despite having played about half of a season at catcher.  Joe Mauer, last year’s AL Gold Glover, has zero Runs Saved this year, but the Gold Glove voters (managers and coaches) really like him.  If voters want to vote for a regular, the best choice is probably A.J. Pierzynski, who has done a nice job defensively this year with the White Sox.

  Favorite Other Contenders        
Fielding Bible Award    Yadier Molina (15) Miguel Olivo (15)        
AL Gold Glove    Jose Molina (6) AJ Pierzynski (5)        
NL Gold Glove    Yadier Molina (15) Miguel Olivo (15)        


First Basemen– Athletics’ infielder Daric Barton had rated well in limited time before this year, but finally getting a chance to play everyday he’s taken it to another level with 20 Runs Saved so far this year. Another new face, Ike Davis of the Mets, ranks second despite beginning the year in the minors.

  Favorite Other Contenders        
Fielding Bible Award Daric Barton (20) Ike Davis (14)        
AL Gold Glove Daric Barton (20)     Justin Morneau (9) Lyle Overbay (8)        
NL Gold Glove Ike Davis (14)         Aubrey Huff (6)   Todd Helton (5)        


Second Basemen– 2006 Fielding Bible Award winner Orlando Hudson leads the keystone sack with 18 Runs Saved and is a key contributor to the Twins running away with the AL Central title. Part-timer Sean Rodriguez of the Rays and perennial Fielding Bible Award contender Chase Utley trail Hudson closely, with 17 and 13 Runs Saved, respectively.

  Favorite Other Contenders        
Fielding Bible Award Orlando Hudson (18) Sean Rodriguez (17) Chase Utley (13)        
AL Gold Glove Orlando Hudson (18) Sean Rodriguez (17)        
NL Gold Glove Chase Utley (13) Omar Infante (6)        


Third Basemen– Ryan Zimmerman leads the hot corner with 20 Runs Saved and it looks like he’ll bring home his second straight Fielding Bible Award. Chase Headley returned to his natural position at third base and has excelled, also saving an estimated 20 runs for the defensively-sound Padres.  There’s a nice battle for the AL Gold Glove between Jose Lopez, Evan Longoria and Adrian Beltre.  While Lopez has the most Runs Saved, it’s more likely that Longoria or Beltre will win.

  Favorite Other Contenders        
Fielding Bible Award    Ryan Zimmerman (20) Chase Headley (20)        
AL Gold Glove Adrian Beltre (13)             Jose Lopez (15)  Evan Longoria (13)        
NL Gold Glove   Ryan Zimmerman (20)       Chase Headley (20)        


Shortstops– Brendan Ryan is in first place on the Runs Saved leaderboard for shortstops, topping his 20 Runs Saved season last year with 26 so far this year. Alexei Ramirez and Yunel Escobar trail Ryan with 18 and 17 respectively.

  Favorite Other Contenders        
Fielding Bible Award Brendan Ryan (26)          Alexei Ramirez (18)Yunel Escobar (17)        
AL Gold Glove Alexei Ramirez (18) Cliff Pennington (12)        
NL Gold Glove Brendan Ryan (26) Troy Tulowitzki (15)        

Next week we’ll review the outfielders and pitchers.

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