Top 10 Reasons the Cubs Hired Mike Quade as Manager

Here are the top 10 reasons Jim Hendry (with a gentle nod from Tom Ricketts) hired Mike Quade to manage the Chicago Cubs through 2012 (with a team option for 2013). From the home office in Davenport Iowa*:

10:  Mike is a solid baseball lifer who began managing 25 years ago and earned his shot by finishing strong last year.
9:  He has a .649 career winning percentage as a major league manager.
8:  Eric Wedge is no longer available.
7:  To get back at Ryne Sandberg for abruptly retiring in 1994.
6:  Ricketts gives Jim Hendry that much more rope to justify his firing next year.
5:  Because he’s a fun guy.
4:  Quade says it’s our turn to win: “Why not us?”
3:  Because making the players happy campers is the most important thing.
2:  He’ll work cheap.
1:  Because Crane Kenney told Ricketts Jim Hendry wants it this way.

*The home office is in Daveport IA becuase that is about half way between AAA Des Moines and the major league club in Chicago. Quade’s hiring signals we Cub fans are in for some quality AAAA baseball in 2011.

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