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Guest Post: It’s a Dream, it’s only a dream…

Here is a guest post submitted by a loyal reader of the Clark-Addison Cubs Fan Blog. The topic is renovation of Wrigley Field and some of the views here I don’t share. But there is plenty here to get the discussion going and maybe even the blood boiling! Your comments can be posted at the conclusion […]

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John Dewan’s Stat of the Week™

How Important is Hitting the Catcher’s Target? At Baseball Info Solutions, our video scouts recently began charting the catcher’s target before each pitch. This opens up many new avenues for analysis, but first we should examine the difference between pitches that hit the target and those that don’t. Considering all final pitches of each at […]

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Zonk it is – Keith Moreland gets the gig

The Cubs and WGN Radio have announced former and occasional fill-in Keith Moreland as the new radio analyst, succeeding Ron Santo. In his limited fill-in duty during a few extended Santo absences, Zonk did a nice job.  I think his down home Texas y’all stuff will fade a bit and he will fit in fine […]

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