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Curse? There Ain’t No Stinking Cubs Curse

Inevitably, talk of whether there is a curse on the Chicago Cubs comes up each season, usually from outsiders or someone looking to stir the pot a bit. Let me go on record as believing the only curse that affects the Cubs is that of a history of bad decisions. No supernatural hexes, no goats, just the natural […]

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Hope springs eternal

Pitchers and catchers have reported to Mesa. Some postition players too (including Milton Bradley!). The Cubs 2009 campaign has officially begun. Let’s just hope there is nothing significant about camp opening on Friday the 13th this year. But I digress.  This is spring training and all is righteous and hopeful in Cubs camp. The ivy […]

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Z update

The Tribune is reporting Cubs ace Carlos Zambrano has inflammation and tendinitis in the rotator cuff of his right arm but is expected to be fine down the stretch.  Obviously good news, but if you followed my advice from yesterday, you weren’t too excited about this story anyway.  In spite of the media’s (particularly sports […]

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Kerry Wood to the DL but Cubs still on top

I think Cub fans suffer some degree of post-traumatic stress when it comes to key injuries and late summer division leads.  With the hopes of the franchise resting on the shoulders/arms of Kerry Wood and Mark Prior in the first part of this decade, it was bitterly disappointing to watch them self destruct with injury after […]

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Karmic balance: Pujols & Soriano out

I heard a lot of chatter yesterday about how the Cardinals will finally fall back down to earth in losing Albert Pujols until the All-Star break. Cubs fans were privately rejoicing in his injury, feeling like maybe this really is Our Year. A few hours later though, Alfonso Soriano takes a pitch off his ring finger knuckle […]

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SI Cover Story Curse or not?

Since release of the current issue of Sports Illustrated featuring Kosuke Fukudome on the cover, I’ve heard more rumblings about the existence of the cover story curse.  The Cubs team is 3-5 since the April 30 release date (May 5 cover date).  However Kosuke Fukudome is batting .320 in that span, going 10 for 31 with 3 doubles.  So… […]

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Do 2 curses cancel each other out?

Ok, so the Sam Sianis Goat Curse is well documented in Cubs lore.  But there is another well accepted curse in sports – the Sports Illustrated Cover Curse.  Now with Kosuke Fukudome cover story in the new Sports Illustrated, I must ask: Do two curses cancel each other out?  The definitive answer comes in October… […]

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