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It is still early for Kevin Gregg

It is early. Very early. Just a reminder: 158 games remain in the regular season. Now, I’m not a necessarily a big Kevin Gregg fan. I only know him by his numbers from last year and looking at those, I’m not impressed. He would be fine as closer for a lesser team. But for a major […]

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Cubs Dealings and Rumors

This off season, through the organizational meetings in November and the MLB Winter Meetings in December in beloved Las Vegas, has been heavy on rumor and light on action. To be honest, I have not really fallen in love with any of the player packages the media and fans have been chewing on since October. As […]

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Hot Stove not so hot yet

With Ryan Dempster signed, sealed and delivered back to Wrigley Field for the next four years, it now appears the Cubs are not so eager to back up the truck for the services of Jake Peavy. Manager Lou Piniella made comments over the weekend that starting pitching is all set, but they will look for a veteran arm […]

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Cubs lose Wood, gain Awards

It’s tough for a guy to take a break around here!  Just in the past week the Chicago Cubs have acquired Kevin Gregg from the Marlins, publicly announced Kerry Wood‘s career in blue pinstripes is over, Lou Piniella has won NL Manager of the Year, Carlos Zambrano the Silver Slugger award for NL pitchers, and […]

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Cubs Choke is Hard to Swallow

I have been reluctant to write about the astonishing collapse of the 2008 Cubs team during this post-mortem interval. The fan in me died another death watching this Cubs team, like so many Cubs teams before it, collapse under the weight of major league playoff baseball. Not every team can win it all, to be […]

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Howry Needs to Grab Some Bench

Hearing that Bob Howry is coming into a one-run game tonight to relieve Ryan Dempster, I thought to myself: why? How is it that Lou doesn’t see that Howry has been too inconsistent (I’m being kind here) to be relied upon. Lou refuses to look at the numbers: His 5.54 ERA is a full two […]

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Lilly Got The Message, and Gave One Too

Ted Lilly got the message. He apparently took to heart the message Lou was trying to send to his team via shouting his frustrations in a post-game news conference from a room adjacent to the Cubs locker room. Presumably the team could hear Lou going off after Tuesday’s loss but his message was not anything […]

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Cubs, Brews, Phils lose; Lou ready to pop

He holds his lips tighter. He talks louder and faster. You can hear the rumble building in his voice. His words don’t come as easy. No one else gets to say anything when he’s around. The US Geological Survey is measuring all these indicators and confirms is now seems certain:  Mount Lou is going to […]

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Call-ups play into Lou’s hot hand

Lou Piniella has proven masterful at pulling the right strings in his tenure as Cubs skipper. With the added bodies, Lou has more options for pinch hitting, spot starts and some creative double-switches. Dusty could never figure out how to double-switch, but Lou usually seems to make the right calls. The first round of September call-ups are Micah Hoffpauir, […]

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Happy Birthday To Lou

At this point in the season, things couldn’t be sweeter for birthday boy Sweet Lou.  After notching their 6th win in a row last night with a come from behind 6-4 victory over a strong Philly team, capped off by MVP candidate Aramis “I Promise” Ramirez’ 8th inning grand salami birthday present to Lou, things […]

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