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It was 25 years ago today

Chicago Cubs Hall of Fame second baseman Ryne Sandberg made is bones to a national TV audience exactly 25 years ago today. Then a whispy, relative unknown to most fans outside Chicago, Ryno hit not one, but two game tying home runs off of former Cub Bruce Sutter in a thrilling victory over the rival St. Louis […]

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Cubs Never Out of It

No matter how flat the team seems on a given day – they had just 5 hits going into the 9th inning last night – they always seem to have a good chance to win. Listening to the radio call last night, I hear Pat Hughes channeling Jack Brickhouse in trying to sell me the […]

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Go Cubs Go song at Wrigley Field

Chicago folk artist and long suffering Cub fan, Steve Goodman, was commissioned by WGN radio back in 1984 to write an up-beat Cubs song to help boost the marketing of the ’84 Cubs.  Goodman already had written and performed the acerbic “Dying Cub Fan’s Last Request” and (as I understand the story) Dan Fabian from WGN asked him […]

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8/8/88 revisited

Twenty years ago today was the first scheduled night game at Wrigley Field. Knowing the managers at Cubby Bear and being a totally and completely broke aspiring rock music drummer, I took a one-night only job as a bar back at Cubby for that momentous and festive evening. In the weeks leading up to 8/8/88, I saw various stages […]

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Joe Morgan is a putz

On the national broadcast of Sunday night’s Cubs-Sox game on ESPN, Joe Morgan did it again. It’s well discussed that he frequently makes inaccurate statements, passed off as historical truth or informed analysis, but I doubt most of them are intentional, they are simply mistakes. I know, I know, Harry Caray often called the wrong player’s name […]

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3 bombs for Votto and no plunking?

As a youth 32 years ago, I sat in Wrigley and watched Mike Schmidt blast four home runs in a game. It was Cubs vs Phillies April 17, 1976 and the Cubs lost 18-16 in a crazy wild game. Perhaps as rare as Schmidt’s 4 home runs was a mid-70’s Cubs team knocking lefty Cub-killer […]

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I’ve been a Cub fan for many years and remember the mid-70’s teams pretty well.  I recall the ’77 Cubs held first place from May 28 through August 9th, then faded into oblivion.  I remember the Whitey Lockmans, Herman Franks’, Jim Marshalls, Davey Rosellos, Ray Burris’, George “the Baron” Mitterwalds…but what I don’t remember is […]

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