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Tommy Bleeds Dodger Blue

Happy 82nd birthday today to a classy guy, Tommy Lasorda. Growing up in the 70’s, any fan of baseball had to appreciate Lasorda’s Dodgers even if they weren’t your team. I was a Cubs fan through and through, but Bill Buckner was my favorite player and he came from a top-shelf organization, the LA Dodgers. […]

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The All Star Game at Wrigley Field

The official program of the 1990 ASG I am remembering today the 1990 MLB All Star Game in Wrigley Field. I’m not a bleacher guy (too far away from the action for me) but my tickets were in the Right Field bleachers. I won a lottery that gave me the opportunity to buy a ticket […]

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It was 25 years ago today

Chicago Cubs Hall of Fame second baseman Ryne Sandberg made is bones to a national TV audience exactly 25 years ago today. Then a whispy, relative unknown to most fans outside Chicago, Ryno hit not one, but two game tying home runs off of former Cub Bruce Sutter in a thrilling victory over the rival St. Louis […]

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8/8/88 revisited

Twenty years ago today was the first scheduled night game at Wrigley Field. Knowing the managers at Cubby Bear and being a totally and completely broke aspiring rock music drummer, I took a one-night only job as a bar back at Cubby for that momentous and festive evening. In the weeks leading up to 8/8/88, I saw various stages […]

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Further reason to not get too giggly

The Cubs were 25 games over .500 on June 28, 1977.  In an all too familiar late season collapse, the ’77 Cubs finished at .500 (81-81), in sole possession of 4th place, 20 games back of the Phillies.  They spent 62 days in first place and simply wilted down the stretch, going 20-38 in August & September.  […]

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three grannies in 1987

On June 3, 1987, the Cubs beat the Houston Astros 22-7 in a game that included no less than three grand slams, tying a major league record for a single game. The Cubs hit two: Brian Dayett and Keith Moreland.

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