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Guest Post: Philosophy 101

Here is another Guest Post sent in by AJ. Back in the day, as a first year student at Illinois State University, I recall registering late in the process and as a result got stuck with a couple of courses I otherwise would never consider taking to complete my general studies. One of them, Philosophy […]

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Cubs Off-Season Review

If you don’t already monitor Tim Dierkes’, you should. He does a great job running down the leads, suggestions, rumors, and wishful thinking on roster moves for all 30 major league teams. Just posted is their Cubs Off-Season Review, which takes a fair look at the changes made from last year to this and […]

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Mark Cuban comments on Cubs sale process

Mark Cuban, on his personal blog commented today on his experience in the bidding process to buy the Cubs. He reveals and answers some obvious questions but it seems his tactics may still be unfolding. Cuban requested an extension to continue working on valuation and funding possibilities to close this deal in his favor. He says […]

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Mark Cuban Bid for Cubs in Jeopardy

This morning’s edition of Crain’s Chicago Business reported Tribune chairman Sam Zell is determined to select a winning bid for Cubs by the end of this year. The article stated final bids are due November 26 and the winning bidder would purchase a controlling interest in the Chicago Cubs baseball franchise. Later this morning the […]

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Zell tells investors Cubs will sell in 2008

Multiple sources are reporting Tribune chairman Sam Zell informed investors the Cubs will sell by the end of this year to one of five bidder groups. Zell said he expects “rapid” approval of Major League Baseball. Among the reported finalists are groups led by Mark Cuban, John Canning, and the Ricketts family.    (Crain’s) — Tribune Co. […]

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Cubs Bidders Identity Revealed

The sale of the Chicago Cubs franchise is heating up with the inital round of 10 reported groups in the bidding now reduced to 5 for the second go-round. Crain’s Chicago Business posted this detailed article on the bidders moving to the second round of negotiations to buy the Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field, and a […]

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Inland makes offer for Wrigley, not Cubs

The Score (WSCR radio Chicago) had it wrong.  During their sports news updates today, they were reporting Inland Real Estate of Oak Brook, a publicly traded REIT (NYSE symbol IRC) has reportedly made an offer of $300,000,000 to buy the Cubs.  Then they chuckled the offer was off by about $700k.  In fact, the Inland offer […]

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Crane Kenney, Senior VP/General Counsel and Secretary

Crane Kenney assumed responsibilty for the Cubs when the Tribune company was acquired and taken private by Sam Zell late last year. He is not as slick as his predecessor, Dennis FitzSimons and therefore has been taking shots in the media lately for floating his ideas to raise additional revenue for the franchise. In his […]

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