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    1. Mark Herhold - June 23, 2009

      From a long time suffering Cub fan this Gregg guy is ridiculous,and he has GOT TO GO!.I am watching Kerry Wood all over again If we don’t we are in for a long season.GOOD LUCK BOYS!!!!!!!

    2. Scott Kenemore - May 5, 2011

      I work for a film company called Questar Entertainment, and we’re trying to get the word out about our upcoming film Chicago Cubs: The Heart & Soul of Chicago.

      Made with the full cooperation of the Chicago Cubs and narrated by actor Gary Sinise—and featuring interviews with Bob Costas, Joe Mantegna, George Will, Bonnie Hunt and many, many other sports and entertainment luminaries—Chicago Cubs: The Heart & Soul of Chicago provides unprecedented access to the Chicago Cubs organization, as well as never-before-seen historical footage of the team, including the first-ever film of the Chicago Cubs shot personally by Thomas Edison in 1897.

      Chicago Cubs: The Heart & Soul of Chicago will be released on May 17, 2011, and has a running time of 110 minutes. It will be released as a Blu-ray Combo Pack—containing Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital copies—with an SRP of $34.99, and as a DVD with an SRP of $24.99.

      You can view a high-quality trailer on YouTube here:

      Please let me know if I can send you a hard copy. We’d be thrilled if you wanted to post something about it.


      Scott Kenemore

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