Zonk it is – Keith Moreland gets the gig

The Cubs and WGN Radio have announced former and occasional fill-in Keith Moreland as the new radio analyst, succeeding Ron Santo. In his limited fill-in duty during a few extended Santo absences, Zonk did a nice job.  I think his down home Texas y’all stuff will fade a bit and he will fit in fine […]

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Day Two of 2011 Cubs Convention in Tweets

ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Dave Kingman is hangin’ at Kitty O’Shea’s, watching football. #CubsCon ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  It’s melt down time for the kids! Parents, get those kids fed & to bed! #CubsCon ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Carlos Pena is talking World Series. Not a bad thing. #CubsCon ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  Koyie Hill still signing autographs, 30mins after his appearance. Good […]

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Day One of 2011 Cubs Convention in Tweets

ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  I bought a couple. RT @CubsInsider: You can get Cubs Charities 50/50 raffle tickets for $5 downstairs #CubsCon http://yfrog.com/h8aiyhoj  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  ROCKSTARS: RT @ataccini: @JulieDiCaro @aisle424 @danieldschell @adambuckled @tonyafathead @fatheaddesign #CubsCon http://twitpic.com/3q3a1j  ClarkAddison ClarkAddison:  New meaning to “Let’s Play Two” RT @cubfanMike: certainly not Harwell, he was a true gentleman. No Mr Cub! […]

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Reporting live from the Cubs Convention

Beginning tomorrow and running through Sunday is the 26th annual Cubs Fan Convention at the Hilton & Towers on South Michigan Avenue in the great city of Chicago. After 25 consecutive years of waffling on whether or not to attend my first Cubs Convention, I’ve finally decided to grab my camera and go this year. […]

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New Cubs Manager Choice Will Be Telling

With Year One of the Ricketts regime coming to an end, we really haven’t seen much from them to really define their priorities and style. I mean, sure, we’ve seen more fan outreach, some new marketing ideas, bison on the menu; but not much to indicate what kind of owners they will be from a […]

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