See Ted Lilly and all the MLB All Stars in St. Louis

Summer is in full swing and the ballpark is where the fans want to be. And in just a few days, the St. Louis Cardinals and Busch Stadium play host to the season’s biggest party: the MLB All-Star Game. A full lineup of events is on tap, including the Home Run Derby, Futures Game (inluding […]

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Shame on us – and PLAY BALL!

Here is why I don’t write about baseball & steroids very often… Honestly, I’ve had it about up to here with all this pharmacological intrigue. The bottom line is competitive guys do whatever they have to do to get ahead. They are competitive. They want to, and must win. If there is some edge they […]

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John Dewan’s Stat of the Week™

What’s A-Rod’s Favorite Toy? No, I’m not going to talk about that! (much) Bill James created a method (for details see “Career Targets” in The Bill James Handbook 2009) called “The Favorite Toy” to estimate the probability that a player will achieve a specific career goal like career hits or home runs. The basic components […]

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