John Dewan’s Stat of the Week™

How many scoops? The most recent edition of ESPN‘s Wednesday Night Baseball pitted the New York Yankees against the Tampa Bay Rays. Rick Sutcliffe, former major leaguer and current ESPN color commentator, was talking about the Yankee defense in 2009 and made note of the change at first base this year, from Jason Giambi to […]

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Guest Post: Philosophy 101

Here is another Guest Post sent in by AJ. Back in the day, as a first year student at Illinois State University, I recall registering late in the process and as a result got stuck with a couple of courses I otherwise would never consider taking to complete my general studies. One of them, Philosophy […]

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Guest Post: May the Best Team Win

Here is a Guest Post sent in by AJ: The Atlanta Braves have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the MLB playoff format is exactly what Hank Steinbrenner, Chairman of the New York Yankees, claims it to be – a new found life for the weaker teams. The Braves reeled off 14 straight division […]

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